The Final Draft

The final draft is what you will submit as your completed paper. If you are writing an examination, the final draft may be your handwritten answers after you have had a chance to quickly read them over and make corrections. If you are writing under other circumstances, you will have more time to produce a final draft, so it will probably look more finished and formal.

By the time you write the final draft, your writing should look fairly polished. Choppy sentences, poor or nonexistent transitions between paragraphs, grammar and spelling errors, and other characteristics of a first draft should all disappear. In addition, your final draft should incorporate comments you have received as well as changes you want to make based on your own evaluation.

Before you submit your final draft, you should read what you have written all the way through at least once more. If you find something wrong with your paper at the last minute, try to correct it before you hand it in. Check with your instructor before making minor corrections with a black pen on your final paper. If your paper has too many corrections, you know it needs another revision.

At this point, you can use the following assessment checklist for your final draft. This checklist is shorter than the previous assessment during the drafting phase. You may, however, use either one to your benefit. Here, your evaluation should determine how well your writing assignment achieved its purposes.

Checklist for Your Final Draft
  Content Is the assignment complete? Is the information appropriate?
  Organization Is the order of the information logical? Are the introduction and conclusion clear and related?
  Style Are the style and tone appropriate? Are the sentences smooth and efficient? Is the diction appropriate, concrete, and accurate? Is the paper free of mechanical errors?
  Format Is the assignment in the required format?
Print Checklist

When your answers to all of these questions are a confident yes, your final draft is ready to submit.


  • The final draft is the version of the paper that you will submit to your instructor.

  • Carefully check the format and presentation of the final draft to ensure that it is as error‑free as possible.

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